Importance of Conveyancing

Property transactions are significant decisions, often infrequent for individuals. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a property, be it a home, unit, or land, the process entails the preparation, execution, and lodgement of numerous legal documents.

Conveyancers are here to guide you through each step, ensuring you comprehend your legal rights and responsibilities. They remain accessible for any queries you may have, liaising with your Real Estate Agent and aiding in Form 1 preparation and private contracts where necessary. Licensed and insured to perform conveyancing work across Adelaide and throughout South Australia, they guarantee a smooth transaction process.

Conveyancers can assist you from the outset by preparing contract and Form 1 documents, or collaborating with you from contract signing through settlement if your agent has already handled these tasks. While each conveyancer may offer varying services, some common offerings include:

  • Preparing or reviewing the Contract and Form 1 documents
  • Sending out Client Authorization forms and obtaining relevant instructions from you
  • Conducting Verification of Identity (VOI) procedures
  • Coordinating with lenders for mortgage discharge
  • Facilitating communication between all involved parties for settlement via PEXA
  • Ordering government and statutory searches for property-related information
  • Calculating adjustments for rates and taxes, and advising the Purchasers representative
  • Ensuring Contract conditions are met within specified timelines
  • Crafting settlement statements detailing all costs, deposits, and fees related to the sale
  • Handling settlement procedures, including transfer certification and lodgement with the Lands Titles Office
  • Notifying you and the Real Estate Agent upon settlement completion
  • Informing relevant parties of ownership changes post-settlement, including SA Water, Council, Revenue SA, and property managers if applicable.

Ashley Williams and the team at Selling SA Homes are here to guide you on your journey.

Note: All information provided is subject to your own investigations; this is for informational purposes only.