10 Strategies to Keep You and Your Home Comfortably Cool

As the heat rolls in, you can maintain a cool and comfortable environment for yourself and your home while also being environmentally conscious. Explore these practical tips designed to save you money, reduce energy consumption, and contribute positively to the planet.

  1. Shade and Shield: Optimise your home’s cooling by keeping blinds closed, particularly on north and west-facing windows. Consider investing in block-out curtains to provide additional protection against the intense summer sun.
  2. Heat Prevention: Minimize the need for cooling by blocking heat from entering your home. Utilize external coverings such as blinds, awnings, or potted plants on windows and walls. Plant deciduous trees strategically for summer shade while allowing sunlight through in winter. Explore window tinting and enhance ceiling insulation for a dual-purpose solution.
  3. Optimal Air-Conditioning: When using air-conditioning, set the thermostat between 24-27°C or as high as your comfort allows. A mere 1°C adjustment can reduce your appliance’s running cost by approximately 10%. Prioritise air-conditioners with high energy-star ratings and choose a model suitable for your home after thorough research.
  4. Ceiling Fan Optimisation: Adjust your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise during summer, creating a cooling effect by pushing air down. In winter, switch the rotation to clockwise to pull cool air up. Vary the fan speed based on the season, with higher speeds in warmer weather. Ensure your ceiling fans complement other cooling methods by rotating in the correct direction.
  5. Seal and Secure: Keep cool air where it’s needed by closing doors to unused rooms. Seal gaps around doors and windows, and employ draught excluders to prevent cool air from escaping. Note that evaporative air-conditioners benefit from increased air flow, so consider opening some doors and windows for enhanced effectiveness.
  6. Evening Ventilation: Take advantage of the cooler evening temperatures by opening windows and allowing natural air circulation. Enjoy outdoor activities like cooking in the backyard or park during the evening to escape the heat.
  7. Natural Cooling Tactics: Stay cool without relying solely on air-conditioning by sipping icy drinks, applying a damp cloth to pressure points, or taking a refreshing cold shower.
  8. DIY Cooling with Fans: Transform a fan into a budget-friendly mist machine by placing a shallow bowl or pan of ice in front of it. This clever hack provides an icy-cool breeze.
  9. Breathable Fabrics: Opt for cotton fabrics, known for their breathability, in both clothing and bedding. Light, loose garments made of breathable materials contribute to your overall comfort.
  10. Lightbulb Upgrade: Swap out heat-producing incandescent and halogen bulbs for energy-efficient LED lights. This not only cools your home but also reduces energy costs, making it a win-win solution.