Building a new home

Building a new home

There are a range of options to consider if you are thinking of building your own home and a number of things you should be aware of.

Building industry regulations

Firstly, it is good to know that the Australian building industry is highly regulated. There are building codes and standards at varying levels of government – from local through to state and federal – which your builder is required to comply with. Each state and territory has its own Building Act and Regulations and these set out who issues the relevant building approvals and how to obtain them. In South Australia building rules, regulations and information are contained here.

At a national level building rules and regulations are contained in the National Construction Code, which aims to ensure buildings have structural stability and are safe and healthy for occupants. Builders must demonstrate compliance with the NCC’s performance requirements.

Local council approvals

Your local council is responsible for issuing approvals for all building work along with aspects of the building that are not considered to be structural and therefore are not covered by the NCC. These items are contained in the plans and specifications which are submitted to local councils for approval. Other aspects of the building such as plumbing and electrical are subject to a separate set of regulatory laws and codes based on a set of Australian Standards.

Non-compliance with building regulations is heavily penalised by enforced removal of the unauthorised structure, fines and sometimes court penalties are incurred.

Australian builders are required to be licensed or registered, depending on your state or territory. Ensure your elected builder has the requisite license or registration before you enter into a building contract.

Land + builder or house and land package

Your choice of builder may depend on the land upon which you wish to build. If you have purchased the land already you can then shop around for a designer and a builder of your choice.

If you wish to purchase a house and land package, you can search for building companies in your area who may offer house and land packages in development areas or you may find a piece of land that is being sold as a house and land package by a builder. These properties often come with house designs already crafted to suit the block and the relevant council approvals have usually already been obtained.

Once you have chosen your land and builder you will enter the contract phase. It is important to ensure that your building contract is adequate to protect your investment. Resources such as the Law Handbook can provide useful information about building contractual agreements and if in doubt you should always seek legal advice.

Please contact Ashley Williams mob 0450 327 772 to help you with choosing a builder for your new home. Selling SA Homes have had many dealings with builders over the years.